Past Gallery Shows – 2022

Dec 7, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023

Showcasing over 140 small original artworks by 80 artists.

Nov 16 – Dec 4, 2022

“Life Doesn’t Stand Still”: The Still Life has a long history. Although the definition alludes to being “without movement or life”, we challenge artists to bring it into a modern context with their own interpretation.

Nov 2 – 13, 2022

“Chance encounters”: works by Kat Palmer. Chance encounters can be pleasant, lovely, worrying and sometimes a bit scary. This collection of work includes encounters between humans, inanimate objects and other creatures with unpredictable results.

Oct 5 – Oct 30, 2022

“Putting the Pieces Back Together”: Like mosaic as an artform creates something beautiful greater than the sum of its parts, individually and collectively, Canadians are also trying to put the pieces of their lives and communities back together.

Sept 22 – OCT 2, 2022

“Spellbound”: Paintings of Entanglement by Joanna Strong. An exhibition exploring entanglement and connection, in which objects are seen as magical artifacts and transcendent worlds.

Sept 7 – 18, 2022

“Livication” is ‘dedication’ transformed, just like this collection of artworks is the world transformed into a more harmonious space which is inclusive of all people who share this energy.

Aug 24 – Sept 4, 2022

“Life in Colour”: Colour is all around us, yet it’s only rarely that we REALLY stop to absorb and reflect on it. We know that colour can energise us, soothe us, upset us and uplift us.  But what else is colour capable of?

Aug 11 – 21, 2022

Josy Thomas’ latest show, “Twisted Spirit”, is a personal view of his life and expresses his feelings through his unique artistic voice. The show opened in the Musée Maison Amérindienne and will be showing in Toronto, at the Leslie Grove, in August.

July 20 – Aug 7, 2022

“Forest”: Five artists guide you through the life and sounds of woodlands and meadows in the Canadian Boreal forest. To want to preserve something, we must first love it. Come into the forest with us.

JULY 6 – 17, 2022

“Madly in All Directions” – Nancy Bennett. “What direction did your art take during the pandemic?” ALL OF THEM!

June 21 – July 3

“Luminosity”: Art Gala Forum, a collective of 8 artists from around the world, who have worked together since 2005, is excited to present our work for the first time at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

June 8 – 19, 2022

“Urban Grit” is a series of paintings completed in my artist studio in Winnipeg. I was working as a night guard at Union Station for Via Rail, and every night I was up on the train platform, the steel beams below and the skyscrapers above.

May 19 – June 5

Juried by John Gagné, “Breakthrough PLUS” showcases the work of students, emerging and established artists working in clay and glass.

April 27 – May 15

“Misunderstanding Memory” is a solo photography exhibition where the photographer, Caley Taylor, explores the process and inaccuracy of our memories.

APRIL 6 – 24, 2022

“Our World: The Wonder & The Worry”: This show is a dynamic mix of artwork that balances the love and respect we hold for our natural world while drawing attention to the devastating changes affecting us due to climate change.

March 23 – April 4

Leslie Grove Gallery is hosting the group show “Technicolour”, displaying the works of emerging artists from Centennial College’s Fine Arts Studio program.

MAR 16 – 20, 2022

“Emergence” by Centennial College’s Fine Arts Student Collective.

FEB 23 – MARCH 13, 2022

To honour “International Women’s Day” celebrated on March 8 every year to acknowledge and honour the achievements of women all over the world, Leslie Grove Gallery is celebrating the achievements of thirty-two women artists’ and increasing their visibility in the fine arts community.

FEB 2 – 20, 2022

To celebrate such friendships, Leslie Grove Gallery is now featuring the artworks of seventeen Artists’ Network members and their kindred spirits in the “PLUS ONE” Members Show.

December 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022

“Big Holiday Smalls Show” 2021. Showcasing over 150 artworks by  90 artists.