Past Show

LIFE Doesn’t Stand STILL

November 16 – December 4, 2022

OPENING RECEPTION: November 17: 6-8 PM

Join us IN-PERSON for the Opening Reception at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

See the show, meet the artist, bring a friend!

COVID-19 Protocols: following provincial and city guidelines


As we reflect on our ever-changing world, the artists’ Network prepares for our new group show:
LIFE Doesn’t Stand STILL”!

The Still Life has a long history, going back to early Egyptian and Roman times, and was recognized as a respected art genre in the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries. Although the definition alludes to being “without movement or life”, we challenge artists to bring it into a modern context with their own interpretation.


Featured Artists:
Lisa Allshire; Stephanie Arn; Robyn Asquini; Robert Bell; Madsie Bouffard;
Diana Braun-Woodbury; Valerie Carew; Judy-Ann Cazemier; Steve Cooper;
Allie Dainow; Cherie Daly; Tommy Feiler; Brian Groberman; Jill Hobson;
David Holden; Margaret Horvat; Taslima Hossain; Margaret Kittel Canale; Sue
Mackay; Sharon McClurg; Karin Mclean; Laraine McMahon-Nelson; Sheila Merer;
Leslie Parker; Stephen Severn; Dinesh Subramanian; David Switzer; Erin Wheatley