Current Show

Gail Williams’ The Imaginary Menagerie and Gerry Withey’s Bliss

Whether it’s folks we’ve known since childhood or a kindred spirit we’ve recently met, friendships hold us together. These are the people with whom we share our joys and laughter and support us through the hard times.

To celebrate such friendships, Leslie Grove Gallery is now featuring the artworks of seventeen Artists’ Network members and their kindred spirits in the PLUS ONE Members Show.

Featured Artists:

Angela Lane and Gordon Harrison; Beverley Daniels and Lisa Kates; Caley Taylor and Jennifer Echols; Carolyn Laidley and Stephanie Arns; Cherie Leung and Zoe Trok; Danielle Vishnever and Maria De Zorzi; Gail Williams and Gerry Withey; Jill Hobson and Brenda Estill; Judy Ann Cazemier and Katherine Bosnitch; Katherine Palmer and Kim Atkins; Lisa Litowitz and Donna Chudnow; Mina Vancardo and Levent Erutku; Rodney Cohen and Sylvia Gavin; Sally Ann Martin and Barbara Simmons; Sheila Merer and Leslie Rowland; Stephanie McLean and Denise Buisman Pilger; Susan Friedman and Taline Kavoukian