Current and Past Rental Shows

October 26 – November 7, 2021

Resurfacing—is an external exploration of surface and the material qualities of paint, as well as a reflection on a personal journey. 

October 13 – 24, 2021

These three artists have been painting together in a studio on Queen Street West for over 10 years. Their influence on each other’s work and common inspiration of nature have been the constant glue to their collaboration. 

October 1 – 10, 2021

Navigating significant shifts in day-to-day realities, the loss of life and love I thought would last forever. This work was born out of an exploration of both theme and medium to form a bridge back to myself, an attempt to find peace within upheaval…

September 15 – 26, 2021

Sister artists Kate Taylor and Helen Utsal work independently and together on the artworks in this exhibition.

August 25  to September 12, 2021

Re-inventing the Ancient Mosaic Flow in a Contemporary Style. Featuring 17 artists from across Ontario.

August 4 -22, 2021

Wisdom of Kinship features 28 artworks by 11 Indigenous artists from Ontario, Quebec and Massachusetts, USA.  Curated by Métis artist and educator Diane Montreuil, with the support of invited guest curator, Metis multi-disciplinary artist and knowledge carrier Nathalie Bertin.  

April 1 – 25, 2021

Four Toronto-based artists have come together to share with you their different perspectives on the world around us.

May 18 – 30, 2021

Before COVID-19 shut the world down, Reece travelled to Jamaica in January 2020 to discover the parts of the island that her father knew best.