Now Showing at the Leslie Grove Gallery

Big Holiday Smalls Show is back, just in time for holiday gift-giving. With over 100 small artworks, why not give a gift of original art this year. At the Leslie Grove Gallery from December 1, 2021, to January 9, 2022.

Featured Artists

Amanda Stapells, Amita Sen Gupta, Anastassia Chouryguina, Angela Lane, Armelle Leblanc , Ashley King, Barbara Simmons, Beverley Daniels, Brenda Bornstein, Brenda Hurley, Carolanne MacLean, Carolyn Laidley, Charles Wakefield, Cherie Daly, Cherie Leung, Christina Kostoff, Christina Hennig, Christine Stewart, Christine Walker, Dahlia Sawwan, Danielle Vishnever, David Holden, David Johns, Dianne Shelton, Deb Malcolm, Eddie Li, Eleanor Lowden, Elsa Baretti Shima, Francoise Cockburn, Frances Clancy, Jane Louise Holden, Janet Christie,  Jeff Walker, Jill Sapiente, Joanne Shenfeld, Judy-Ann Cazemier, Jungle Ling, Kareen Hague, Karen Franzen, Karen Leslie Hall, Karin McLean, Kate Taylor, Laraine McMahon-Nelson, Lea Belegris, Leah Olsen-Kent, Leslie Parker,  Lisa Litowitz, Laura Abbott, Lori Fonger, Maca Pizarro, Maddy Greenwald, Mahtab Abdollahi, Margot Roi, Marjorie Moeser, Marzena Kotapska, Melissa Morrow, Mrityunjay Awasthy, Nicola Woods, Nina Okens, Olena Lopatina, Patrizia Brasch, Paul Brandejs, Paul Sabyan,  Penny Griffin, Poonam Khanna, Raquel Aurini, Rea Kelly, Roderik Mayne, Ruth Thorogood, Sally Williams, Sheila Merer, Sherrill Girard, Shirley Birnboim, Simon Holder, Sorouja Moll, Stephanie McLean, Susan Friedman, Susan L. Brown, Szonja Vucsetics, Tanya Fenkell, Theo McLaren, Tueai La, Vladimir Lopatin, Wendy Mataija, Winnie Larsen, Xiao Wen Xu, Yasir Hameed

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, December 2  from 6 to 9  pm

Join us IN-PERSON for the Opening Reception at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

The following COVID-19 protocols will be in place for the reception:

  • All guests must provide their vaccine certificate or receipt and their ID when entering the gallery.
  • The gallery is required to check that the name and date of birth on the proof of vaccination match the ID.
  • Masking is required.