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Extended Until April 25

Four Toronto based artists have come together to share with you their different
perspectives on the world around us. From every day, contemplative scenes of life by
Susan Friedman and her wonderful sense of colour and whimsy, to Nedda Zaharelos’
landscapes layered with glazes and subtle emergence of figures, to Patricia Taylor’s
moody, minimalist landscapes which invite the viewer to step inside, to Cherie Daly’s
lively abstracts splashed with bright colour and movement, this show offers a varied
look at what inspires an artist. Within an overall theme of abstraction, each artist
expresses herself uniquely.

Inspired by their own life experiences and the world at large, with all its colour, beauty,
ordinariness, joy, chaos, and sadness, these four friends and artists present some of
their best and most recent artwork.

Enjoy seeing the world through their eyes.

Featured Artists

Making abstract art is how I make sense of the world. I try to make a deep connection with others through my work. I play with paint and pastels, spatulas and squeegees, exploring relationships between shapes and lines, colours and textures. I paint intuitively, taking a risk by focusing on the process and letting the final result be uncontrolled.

Susan Friedman
I am inspired to convey the beauty of the everyday. Using prepared papers, newsprint and other found materials, I begin by layering textured, expressive grounds. From there, I integrate figures with their backgrounds, seeing this as metaphor “we are our contexts, we are of our worlds”.

I love the dance that occurs between intention and spontaneity.

Patricia Taylor
I am a minimalist at heart. My landscapes instill calm and reflection and offer an escape from a complicated and sometimes chaotic world. I invite the viewer to step into the painting. Shape, colour and composition interest me. I would describe my landscapes as abstract impressionism. Multiple layers of colour give the illusion of oil and add depth. I use a variety of tools and am now experimenting with mixed media. Still discovering myself as an artist, it’s a journey which brings me joy and sometimes frustration but is never boring.

Nedda Zaharelos
My inspiration comes from interacting with the canvas; it’s like talking with a friend. I start with an idea but it often develops in a completely different direction. My main objectives are to create shapes and forms. I apply layers of glaze over layers of markings over layers of transparent paint to create depth. I love when the final product has something of me in it that engages the viewer.