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Landscape Art remains one of the oldest and most popular genres, continuing to thrive even into the 21st century. It’s no surprise that Canadian artists lead the way by interpreting and redefining the diverse natural beauty we see around us everyday. Whether traditional or contemporary, or  impressionist or abstract,  the 39 artworks in this show describe a sense of place and expand our definition of it.

Featured Artists:

Ashley King, Barb TenEycke, Carole Milon, Charles Wakefield, Cherie Harte, Darlene Winfield, Debra Wronzberg, Diana Rosa,  Françoise Cockburn, Gwen Tooth, Steve Rose, Jennifer Kelly, Josette Bouchard-Muller, Judy-Ann Cazemier, Karin McLean, Keith Thirgood, Lauri Maitland, Lesley Healy, Lindsay Smail, Lisa Litowitz, Mahtab Abdollahi, Micheal Zarowsky, Mark Gleberzon, Olena Lopatina, Phil Fake, Pam Mayhew, Paul Brandejs, Poonam Khanna, Raquel Aurini, Richard Levine, Sabine Kearns, Seonaid Ross, Sheila Thompson, Steven Iseman, Susan L. Brown, Wendy Mataija, W. Stephen Cooper, Wanda Fitzgerald,  Warren Eberlin,

Virtual Opening on April 29 at 7pm