Past Show

You Do You – Members Show

Jan 31 – Feb 25, 2024

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, February 1, 2024 – 6-8 pm

Join us IN-PERSON at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

See the show, meet the artists, bring a friend!


In light of the the new Board, a flurry of new members and a lot of exciting new ideas, it truly is an Artists’ Network Renaissance! What better way to celebrate this than by having a show?

Art is a journey that sometimes starts with your first showing or spotlight in a new artist community. Every member who has been with the Network for under 2 years has been invited to showcase one piece of their work. Join us for an Invitational Show to welcome, appreciate and showcase our newest Artists’ Network Members.

Patrons, new artist members, we look forward to getting to know you!

Featured Artists:
Agnes Bellegris, Alex Grunwald, Alice Plummer, Beverly Allen, Brittany Lyn, Caroline Lesley, Christie Baker, Christine Quarrington, Ciro Alex LoBasso, Clare Mcintyre, Dana Reinke, Dave Corlett, David Cairns, David Holden, Deb Hansen, Dennis Brockman, Derrick Rytwinski, Diane Dowsett, Douglas Gammage, Erin Kann, Erin Maich, Françoise Cockburn, Gillian Lahav, Irina Dubinski, Jen Hodges, Jennifer Raetsen, Jessica Beitchman, Jim Nason, Jody Clement, John Carstens, Karin McLean, KJ Chong , Linda Newbigging, Marlene Etherington, Melinda Luna, Melodie Ennist, Michele Johnston, Michelle Nichols, Michelle Roy, Milinca Sablici, Mireille Laroche, Mirka Loiselle, Mishel Schwartz, Mona Mansouri, Narenhua, Nina Bradbury, Nina Wodzinska, Orshy Mulqueen, Pamela Paulenko, Patricia Leary, Paul Kita , Rana Skaik, Ruth Wagner, Sarah Mitchell, Shailyn Bruining, Shye Zhang, Sophie Angers, Sophie Lafleur, Stephanie Mclean, Sue Mackay, Surabhi Pandey, Susan Jones, Sylvia Jacobs, Tara Cress.