Now Showing Online at  Leslie Grove Gallery Store

Being an artist involves moving through and outside of convention. It means taking large strides, making bold moves, and learning to embrace risk. All this, to create something special, even spectacular.  Twenty-eight outstanding  – abstract and figurative – works to inspire  all art lovers!

Featured Artists

Angela Lane, Cherie Daly, David Johns, Donna Zekas, Frances Clancy, Gwen Tooth, Janice Thomson, Jill Hobson, Joanne Duklas, Julia Hacker, Karen Taylor, Karin Shaddick, Kate Taylor, Lisa Litowitz,  Madsie Bouffard, Marianne Sung, Marjut Nousiainen, Michelle Goodman, Mirren Hinchley, Murray Van Halem, Nancy L Moore, Natalie Plociennik, Ruth Lane, Shye Zhang, Steve Cooper, Susan Aaron, Wanda Fitzgerald, Wendy Mataija

VIRTUAL OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, February 25  at 7pm

Ten or more artists will be speaking about their artworks, abstract or figurative, as it relates to being BIG or BOLD or RISK, or all three.