Past Show

Out of the Blue – Group Show

Jan 10 – 28, 2024

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, January 11, 2024 – 6-8 pm

Join us IN-PERSON at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

See the show, meet the artists, bring a friend!

COVID-19 Protocols: following provincial and city guidelines


Sometimes, things just happen… “Out of the Blue”.

January will see the Leslie Grove Gallery hosting its second annual juried COLOUR show, this year we bring you the colour BLUE.

The use of blue in art has a long rich history; from the frescoes and statues of the ancient Egyptians and the spiritual art of the Renaissance to the sense of wonder and tranquility evoked in Impressionist art.

Blue is no less important today as contemporary artists grapple with portraying subtle nuances of emotion. Blue is associated with everything from sorrow and nostalgia to optimism and joy.

Artists’ Network invites you to celebrate the colour blue with us, in all of its possible manifestations.

Join us at the Leslie Grove Gallery with the “Out of the Blue” show this January to reflect on what BLUE means to you.

Featured Artists:

Anne Harrison, Beverley Daniels, Le Bigoudi, Brenda Nieves, Carol Dougans, Cherie Daly, David Johns, Douglas Gammage, Ellice Yang, Erin Wheatley, Iraj Shafaghi, Jen Hodges, Jennifer Raetsen, John Carstens, Judy-Ann Cazemier, Kerry Ross, Kyla Yager, Leslie Savage, Lisa Litowitz, Mark Johnson, Nedda Zaharelos, Nicole Sutherland, Patricia Taylor, Paul Brandejs, Poonam Khanna, Robin Kingsburgh, Sally Ann Martin, Sandamali Angunawela, Sanghoon Kang, Shaan Taseer, Sharon Bird, Sheila Thompson, Theo McLaren, Tina Boroviak, Tobie Loukes, Avivit Ramu, Vladimir Marcu.