Past Show

Hello Yellow

January 18 – February 5, 2023

OPENING RECEPTION: January 19, 2023  –  7 to 9 pm

Join us IN-PERSON for the Opening Reception at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

See the show, meet the artist, bring a friend!



In the depths of our Canadian winter, we welcome you to our January COLOUR show, “Hello Yellow.”

Did you know that yellow is the brightest colour the human eye can see?
The art of “Hello Yellow” will lift our spirits with a warm, cheerful energy that yellow can evoke on the snowy grey days ahead. Yellow is the colour of friendliness, fun, optimism, and communication. It can even kick-start our brains with originality, creativity, and enthusiasm!

Let’s begin 2023 with the colour yellow, shining a light on personal empowerment, turning our dreams into reality, and the promise of a positive future. Plan to visit the Leslie Grove Gallery to see how our member artists interpret YELLOW.


Featured Artists:
Angela Lane, Brenda Mccafferty, Carole Milon, Dave Rheaume, David Adshade, Diane Dowsett, Douglas Gammage, Eddie Li, Eleanor Lowden, Erin Wheatley, Felicity Somerset, Gail Williams, Joanna Strong, Joanne Nelson, Judy-Ann Cazemier, Lindsay Smail, Lisa Litowitz, Luke Labelle-Stackhouse, Lynn Spencer, Margaret Kittel Canale, Nancy Reid, Paul Brandejs, Poonam Khanna, Rachel Francis, Raquel Aurini, Ruth Wagner, Shaan Taseer, Steven Lewis, Susan Davies, Steve Cooper, Yana Rzayeva.


Takes place during the Opening Reception

Are you excited for the new year but not sure how to start? Do you have tips on how to get motivated for a new year after a long break? Are you looking for more connection to the artist community?

If you answered YES to any of these questions (or even if you didn’t), we invite you join us for the Opening Reception of our member show Hello Yellow and a networking session that includes:

  • Celebrate: Have a drink and celebrate our artist community
  • Connect: Join our networking games to make it easy to meet other members of the Artists’ Network community
  • Paint it Yellow: Opportunity to share – write your tips on getting motivated.
  • Write it Down: Write down one of your big goals on the community board.

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