Past Show

Everything is Temporary

A Centennial College FAS Group Show

April 3 – 7, 2024

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 6, 2024 – 12-5 pm

Join us IN-PERSON at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

See the show, meet the artists, bring a friend!


The first-year Centennial College Fine Art Studio students have spent the current term investigating and developing their artistic practices.They have worked together for the past eleven weeks to develop the concept and the work for their first FAS group show. Each student exploring their own ideas around “Everything is Temporary”.

In this cohort, students were encouraged to probe different approaches to this theme, and to consider their choice of medium. This freedom is evident in the wide variety of media represented in this exhibition.

For many of the first-year Centennial College Fine Art Studio students, this is their first public exhibition, a tremendous milestone in any artist’s career. As a cohort, the students democratically agreed upon an exhibition theme. Each student was asked to push beyond their usual methods to explore the theme further, to explore their own practice in creating work for this group show.

Featured Artists:
Alison Tran, Ameinah Jazei, Angela Maria Mendez Castro, Anna Chen, Bella Brown, Daegan Lunsford, Dante Vilar Florez, Demi Walker, Dina Aboukhamis, Emily Anna, Erika Alexandra Ortiz Aldana, Erin Mcgann, Isabel Caroline Oliveira Chong, Julei Me Corro, Katonya Lewis, Krisha Della, Kwok Cheung Jackson Ng, Linda Mei Tam, Mani Chung, Max Cain, May Ying Chui, Melissa Khan, Olivia Rabishaw, Rebecca Thompson, Reece Ham-Williams, Rowin Papoutsis, Sharmina Habib, Veronica Tinoco Aguilar, Vrinda Prakashkumar Patel, Yazmin Miranda Aguilar.