Past Show

Eden’s Slumber – Michaela Nessim

Sept 6 – 17, 2023

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 7, 2023 – 6-8 pm

Join us IN-PERSON at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

See the show, meet the artist, bring a friend!

COVID-19 Protocols: following provincial and city guidelines


Michaela Nessim has painted themes of butterflies and flowers since she first began selling her work. As an artist Michaela has always been drawn to the delicate yet strong and symbolic imagery of butterfly wings and flower petals.

Eden’s Slumber is an exhibition created as a response to our planet’s current state of imbalance and decline in previously not endangered species of plants and creatures. In order to move forward into a more positive and abundant state we need to make changes in how we interact with, take care of and live in our environment. Michaela believes that art can serve as a reminder not only of beauty but of the essential feeling of harmony that comes as a result of being connected with the natural world. The artworks contain symbolic imagery including a lonely house in an open landscape that represents the individual living and thriving under a wide-open sky and connected to and maintaining the land.

Eden’s Slumber also contains many other artworks with floral and or nature themes that have countless hidden and obvious butterflies or birds merging with their natural environment. As we are drawn to nature by immersing ourselves more frequently in different ways, we can heal ourselves within and heal and restore abundance and beauty in the external world as a result.

While walking through the exhibit you will see a collection of paintings that share color schemes but saturation of color will vary depending on each painting. The Eden’s Slumber collection comprises a series of artworks sharing the same theme, however, the story is told in many different ways.

Some artworks are calm and restorative through gentle pops of color, carefully created to serve as more quiet reminders of the peace that can come from nature. These works could be considered as calm and elegant and will elevate the viewer through a more reserved presence. Other artworks speak confidently with bolder and brighter images. The hope is that viewers will be able to seek and find work that they can relate to in their own way. The style and the brushstrokes are mostly delicate and colors are woven together through shapes and color fields that serve to encircle and place the imagery in space. The color fields also reflect the uplifted feelings experienced by the viewer or the individual living in harmony with our world.

Featured Artist:
Michaela Nessim.