Current Show


Centennials College’s Fine Arts Student Collective – March 23 – April 4, 2022

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, March 24  at 7 pm

Join us IN-PERSON for the Opening Reception at the Leslie Grove Gallery.

COVID-19 Protocols: Masking is required. We follow all Toronto and Provincial guidelines: LEARN MORE

Leslie Grove Gallery is hosting the group show Technicolour, displaying the works of emerging artists from Centennial College’s Fine Arts Studio program.

Varying in style and medium, the graduating class will present pieces of all subject matter ranging from figurative work to landscapes, in acrylics, charcoal, and watercolours. With the artists coming from different backgrounds in terms of education, cultures, and disciplines, expect great diversity in style and execution of the exhibited pieces.

You are welcomed to see the diversity of all colors coming together in this show. You will see the freedom of expression through each piece and how all colors and ideas come together in an inclusive way. Come and see how artists in this show use a variety of execution techniques, approaches, and media to express their interpretation of the different colors reflecting their feel of Technicolour.

All the participating artists will have complete freedom in approaches of subjects and media but are tied to their one colour. The exhibition will be blasted with varieties of vibrant colours with unique designs of personal experiences, interests, thoughts and many more.

Artists’ works have their own colors, as if they have boundaries, but they are interconnected and more beautiful when they are in harmony with each other. The appearance of people, our society, and individuals are more precious and warmer and more beautiful when we become ourselves.

We welcome everybody to come join us March 24th to April 3rd and see the full spectrum of a prism!

Instagram: @TechnicolourFAS


Anna Zabashta, Anson Mackenzie-Bird, Ashley Michelle Landsberg, Avery Lawrance, Bri Dyer, Camille-Cherie, Emma Timusk, Fatima Kadkhodazadeh, Hossam Fathalla, Jillian Pillon, Justice Sutton, Katie Le, Kay-Hope SIngh, Kimani John, Laura Cuartas García, Marc Diona, Marie Wales, Mary Ann Maiangowi-Manatch, Michelle SIN, Rafat Kazi, Sadie Compton, Sarah Yu, Takanya Marsh, Xiao Wu, Zhiling Liu