Gallery Hanging Requirements

Are you exhibiting work at Leslie Grove Gallery? Whether part of a group or solo please follow the instructions below.

All art must be suitable for installation:

  • Completely dry, set, cured, fixed, or protected.
  • Label on the back with title, artist, price, size, medium, year.
  • Secure hanging attachments including d-rings, mounting holes, or track. This is actually very important for us, here’s more…

The gallery uses this hook, rated for 15 Kg load each, on long hanging wires. They work well with most paintings, prints, and frames, but have difficulty depending on the artwork attachment method. We require:

  • Secure D-Rings: 1 ½” to 2″ from the top edge of the work to the top of the d-ring.

The gallery uses this hook for track or rail, commonly used on the back of face mounted Dibond or acrylic. The track or rail should be mounted close to the top.

If you have any questions please contact us to discuss, we’ll even discuss it with whomever does your print mounting.

*Please wire your work for hanging in a clients home. When pieces are sold, they are provided to the client as is. Make sure to put your best foot forward.

Framing & Mounting:

Akasha Arts have particpated in Artists’ Network education initiatives. Many members use them.

Dimensions Framing on Queens Street has sponsored our Riverdale ArtWalk.

Above Ground Art Supplies and Deserres have acceptable quality ready-made frames.

Please note: We do not recommend lesser quality frames, frequently from IKEA. They are incompatible with our hanging hardware, and are often damaged by the installation of d-rings. Once again, when the work sells and enters a clients home, it should reflect the quality of the work.