Boasting a vibrant cultural tapestry, Toronto is said to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Whether by force or by choice, our roots are often far from where we now call home. Roots and Belonging honours our diverse backgrounds while acknowledging the journey to create home and community. Leslie Grove Gallery is proud to have presented a varied group of works reflecting a distinct journey or relationship to belonging in a new “place.”


Featuring work by:

Carolyn Laidley Arn, Catharina Goldnau, Diane M Montreuil, Fiona Debell, Heidi McKenzie, Janet f. Potter, Jason Chin, Jennylynd James, Judy-Ann Cazemier, Katharine Asals, Lea Belegris, Leslie Parker, Macarena Pizarro, Marjolyn vanderhart, Molly Moldovan, Muhammad Irfan Aziz, Pamela Mingo, Patrizia Brasch, Rachael Grad, Robert Quance, Rodney Cohen, Stuart Curtis, Xiao Wen Xu.

October 7- November 1, 2020


Cover image:

Hellenic Brides, Lea Belegris