Contrary to how Canadian Art history has romanticized the land, our landscape is not simply a vast, pristine, wilderness. “Where do we Land?” posed questions around what land means in both contemporary and historical contexts to those who inhabit it. Current events have highlighted issues around “land” such as privilege and disenfranchisement, ownership and displacement, borders and restrictions, use and consumption, sprawl and destruction. It is through these many lenses that the exhibiting artists offered varying and unique perspectives highlighting the many relationships and responsibilities we have to the land.


Featuring work by:
Rachel Francis, Angele Blasutti, Anne Winter, Jason Chin, Katharine Asals, Leslie Parker, Madeleine Greenwald, Sheila Thompson, Sonja Ng, Steph Thompson, Charles Wakefield, Cherie Daly, Diane M Montreuil, Holly Winters, Jessica Lin, Mei Chan-Long, Melissa Morrow, Nancy Bennett, Raquel Aurini, Rodney Cohen, Steven Lewis, Tanya Fenkell, Toresa Looui, Lisa Litowitz.

August 5th- August 29th, 2020