With the way things are now, many of us find ourselves teeter-tottering back and forth. Everything changing. And so, in this time of ebb and flow, we must learn to ride the waves. While we may not know exactly how to do this, we do know that making artwork about it is an essential step in figuring it out.

March 16-21, 2021

Featured Artists: Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler, Atiyah Azmi, Robert Blick, Dayton Cerasia, Lai Kwan, Carrera Chung, Nora Do, Tessa Dreossi, Zia Foley, Leanne Gibson, Kay Kaur, Anne Kim, Raven Maducdoc, Takanya Marsh, Christine Melendez, Yujun Oh, Aleksandra Rodneva, Weijia Su, Christabelle Wang

A Celebration of Work by Graduating Students from Centennial College.