Drumlins and Moments Caught

Will Hudson and Joel Loblaw

Exhibition: Sept 3-23, 2019

Opening Reception: Sept 5th, 6-9pm



Will Hudson

Artists statement My work’s prime focus is on the inherent intimacies and isolation of all types of human relationships. The figures are intended to occupy a dream like realm with a purpose that may seem familiar yet camouflaged. Biography William Hudson is a formally trained architect originally from the UK, with an eclectic career in the arts world including chalk street painter and muralist for several years. Will’s installations have been exhibited at the Nuit Blanche years 2014, 2011, 2010 and 2009. In 1995 he exhibited oil paintings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. www.hudsonarchitecture.com

Joel Loblaw

Artists statement My artwork is a collection of abstract oil paintings inspired by my interest in country life. My family and I recently moved from Toronto to Meaford, Ontario and it has ignited me with a new appreciation for nature and living a minimalist lifestyle. These are a few points I have tried to convey in my collection of ‘Drumlins’. About the artist. Joel Loblaw is a Landscape Designer and Painter dividing his time between Toronto and Meaford, Ontario. His early work was within the classic Canadian landscape tradition. His style quickly evolved to be abstract interpretation. Joel’s driving motivation in his paintings is colour and composition. He experiments colour, texture and materials through the use of oil paints, wax, fire and burnt ply. www.joelloblaw.com