Our lives revolve around many routines; these can be seen as mundane or as a time for noticing the beauty that is present within the heart of the ordinary. Leslie Grove Gallery was proud to present this extraordinary exhibition, exploring everyday rituals, from the most commonplace to the most contemplative.

November 4-29, 2020

Featuring work by:

Beverley Daniels, Carlina Chen, Carole Milon, Chloe Chlumecky, David Holden, Heather Hurwen, Janet F Potter, Janice Turner, Jenny Reid, Karen Leslie Hall, Karin Shaddick, Katherine Palmer, Leslie Parker, Lisa Litowitz, Lucy Shaiken, Lynn Spencer, Macarena Pizarro, Madeleine Greenwald, Marzena Kotapska, Nadra Chapman, Pankti Jain, Patricia Taylor, Patrizia Brasch, Penny Griffin, R Jesse Hall, Ranjan De, Shaan Taseer, Sheila Thompson, Steph Thompson, Susan Friedman, Zoey Zoric

Cover image:

Rain, Marzena Kotapska