Fine Arts Studio Program 2019 Graduate Exhibition

Reverie: to be pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, or to be lost in a daydream. With one thought leading to the next, escape the world around you and elope with our ethereal works of wonders in every medium! Our dreams are rooted in our natures, but they surprise with sudden transformations leaving the consummation just beyond our reach. Come, wade through the deep waves of emotion, climb mountains of hope, explore dark caves of secrecy and fly through the open skies of freedom – It is not lyrical! It is just not your typical daydream.

Exhibiting artists: Alexandria Allen-Papadopoylos, Gabriella Berdugo, Bee Fawn, CL Fisher, Mattheas Gabber, Kai Hart, Lilian Jang, Hyewon Kim, Mehtap Mertdogan, Tuncel Mustafa, Danielle Nothmann, Elisha Nourse, Yogin Patel, Natalie Plociennik, Ying Shi, Jancy Sivanantham, Atheena Sureshmohan, Lucas Thomas, Fiona Wei, Wayne Wu, Shiyu Zhang

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