April 23 – May 14, 2019

Danielle Hyde – All the Light that Holds Mediates between us and space.

Laura Berman – All the Light that reveals the unexpected interior life of my subject.

Paul Brandejs – All the Light That I remember from my childhood growing up in the mining region of Czech Republic.

Sonja Ng – All the light that shines through, and all the shadows that it creates.

Tash Damjanovic – All the light that is dancing with your curves is illuminating your existence.

Light, a radiant manifestation of energy expressed visually via Colour, the fractional manifestation of light, including: Hue, Chroma, Intensity; and Form, the integrated manifestation of light, including: Shape, Line, Composition. These elements combined artistically in our photography, of any subject, that conveys an aesthetic interpretation to the viewer, with exhibition title All The Light That… where we both complete the sentence and show our photographic interpretation.

Artist talks, May 11 2019

Performance by Indigenous artist Danielle Hyde

Light, Presence Operating Between and Together

Exploring Light’s relationship with bodies and space Hyde’s performance draws on experiences of OCD to speak with attendees on place-making and how Light sees us.